Saturday, January 08, 2005

Back on the chain gang

Back to work after the long (and very welcome) Christmas break.

We work for a short week doing exactly what we were doing the week before Christmas, then a message comes that the M.D. himself wants to speak to us. We make a few nervous jokes about P45s and shuffle off as a group to the boardroom, which is just like a meeting room except it features a huge long wooden table with a rather interesting contemporary veener design. When the company finally goes bankrupt, or (more likely) is merged, this table will be one of the few assets worth bidding for.

The essence of the presentation is the same as it was in July, September, and early December. Thank you for your patience, we're nearly there, we've made changes to our procedures and structure, the customer has shown understanding, we must meet this deadline, I have full confidence, etc etc. As George W Bush so amply demonstrates, being a CEO is not hard - no matter what the situation, your presentation pretty much writes itself.

What will happen? As we're the obligatory 6 months late for this major software project, my guess is Development will deliver... just.

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