Friday, April 15, 2005


The lovely Kate Winslet got slated in The Daily Wail yesterday...

I suspect, like most actresses, she's wonderful company in small doses, but insupportable (as my French friends would say) for longer periods...

No matter, she's a good at what she does, is a beautiful woman, and despite what the Wail says I suspect us Brits will love her for ever. If nothing else, she's made a series of interesting films and has totally refused to cash in on the fame "Titanic" brought.

She did a very good job on that film, because some of the lines were unworthy of a third form drama group.

Personal fave:

Mr. Andrews, we've heard about the iceburg, and I can see it in your eyes.

Try saying that with any realism.Posted by Hello



Blogger David Young said...

Care to tell us what the Mail said? Unlike some people, I don't read that rubbish.


11:58 pm  
Blogger roGER said...

I can't remember any quotes, but it was an article accusing Kate of (gasp!) acting and being less than 100% sincere in interviews...

The rubbish in question sits in the lounge/kitchen/TV/recreation area at work, and if nothing else comes in handy to see what's on telly each night.

1:06 am  

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