Thursday, November 24, 2005

Oh No, It's the Five O'Clock Hysterics!!!

Had a really busy stressful day trying to finish a help project that is complex with a lot of loose ends.

Now I'm calm, I'm seriously wondering why I bothered, since it can't be finished in any meaningful sense while the software is still undeveloped.

Anyway, my boss and a couple of colleagues swung by at around five and started having a deeply serious teknical discussion about new standards of terminology (or is it nomenclature?)for the documentation.

Really important stuff like:
  • Windows or Screens?
  • Shoppers or Customers or Clients?
  • Cardholders or Cardusers, or Card Holders or Card Users, or card holders or card users, or Card holders or Card users?
  • Payments or Transactions or Sales or Events?
If technical and business writers have a fault, it's that we take our craft and ourselves very seriously, because nobody else does (and nor should they).

Well, it had been a long day, and... I sat at my desk listening to this stuff, expected to contribute, listening to a group of serious intelligent people discussing this trivia as if there was a correct answer rather than a bosses opinion that would settle this and...


The five o'clock hysterics, laughing so much I got bad asthma, tears run down my cheeks, howl with laughter at the insanity of this trivial conversation, and how much better off we'd all be back home, instead of wasting time and money and resources on this madness. At least it was infectious and everyone else joined in too.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear! It's been a while since I've laughed that loudly and that long.

Must be what people who like sitcoms experience every evening. But maybe they don't.

I've always maintained that you find all the best comedy at work, produced by master comedians with no self awareness.

Is it home-time yet?



Blogger Marshall North said...

If you haven't had a good laugh in such a long time, then you obviously haven't been visiting The Filthy Critic or Query Letters I Love, which you can view here:

Just make sure you have your inhaler handy before doing so!

7:54 pm  
Blogger roGER said...

Thank you, Marshall.

Filthy has been on holiday writing a novel(sounds like not much fun at all) recently, but thanks for reminding me to put up a link to the Big Empire site (the world's only website, allegedly).

As for the query letters - why do these people hate cinema so much they want to destroy it?!?

11:31 am  

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