Monday, February 26, 2007

Pretty Weekend

Sod it - I’ll write about the week-end anyway (see previous post)

Drove up to Cheshire on Friday morning to see D and N, who are getting married soon. Spent a brilliant week-end with them eating, shopping, playing games on the X Box and watching three films:

The Good Shepherd

The Devil Wears Prada

Pretty Persuasion

All were excellent – PP may become a cult because of it’s mucky script and brilliant lead performance from Evan Rachel Wood. The Good Shepard was an interesting look at the early days of the CIA, and how our hero loses his morality as the agency to which he dedicates his entire life becomes compromised and brutal. As for The Devil, this was a film I’d normally never see and really enjoyed, despite the casual and entirely predictable racism that dictates the sole British character must be unsympathetic and contemptable.

Saturday we went to Llandudno, which was a much nicer place than I imaged. Too bad I had to work while we were there – it would have been nice to have a stroll around.

Got back yesterday evening and am currently wearing un-ironed clothes in the office.

This is normal.


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