Friday, July 06, 2007

Max Gets It (again)

What is it with Max Hastings that makes him a piller of the right yet hold such eminently sensible views?

I've yet to read or hear anyone express so much sense about the bungling idiots who tried to attack London and Glasgow earlier this week:

A reasoned statement, following the weekend's events, might have gone something like this:

"After so much speculation about attacks on Britain by terrorists wielding weapons of mass destruction and biological weapons, it is a relief to see these attempts made with weapons as crude as cars filled with petrol and gas cylinders. The group carrying out the attacks are grotesque amateurs. At worst, their efforts might have inflicted the level of fatalities caused by a motorway smash."

In reality, of course, it would be unthinkable for anyone in authority to say anything of the sort. Spokesmen must talk gravely about "a threat of dreadful carnage", because anything less would sound flippant and irresponsible.

You can read the rest of this brilliant piece here.


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