Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Saturday

The theme for Spring this year is clear; make the best of the vile weather and try and have fun.

It was in that spirit that D, N, and myself went off for a lovely day by the seaside today and suicide gray skies and a freezing cold wind howling off the sea be damned.
So we drove up to Aldeburgh and had a brisk walk along the shingle beach.

Halfway up the impressively solid looking lifeboat together with it's equally impressive launching tractor offered some welcome shelter against the wind and some scary high waves.

N pointed out that the tractor would serve as very useful transport should Britain succumb to plague of zombies. It was fun to imagine the fuckers howling as they hammered futilely on the armoured glass of the vehicle's windows, and the satisfying squelch they would make as you drove over them making full use of the caterpillar tracks and monster diesel.

We walked a bit further up the beach and then returned to dine on fish and chips. Then it was off to Sizewell B nuclear power station, only to find the visitor center closed indefinitely; probably as a result of British foreign policy in the Middle East.

So it was back to Ipswich a bit earlier than planned, and a nice thaw out in front of the gas fire.


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