Monday, November 17, 2008


I heard/saw a song this morning I really liked on the monitors in the foyer. It was well before eight and the space was deserted but for me a receptionist and a couple of other mad people dressed and at the office before sunrise.

A lovely intricate relaxed piece of chill music, it reminded me of the ambient stuff I used to listen too in the mid 1990s.

Excited at finding some new contemporary music to download, I scribbed down the artist's name William Orbit and the track title: Water from a Vine Leaf.

A few moments ago I researched this new song on-line only to find...

It was recorded 15 years ago (15!) with vocals by Beth Orton.


Maybe I'll find a contemporary song I like tomorrow.



Blogger Neil H said...

Know what you mean Rog - shame on you for not being aware of Mr Orbit in the first place ! There is still some decent contemporary music around - I'm going to see er Saxon and Motorhead at Hammersmith tonight ! I've worked out that it's 28 years since my first trip to Hammersmith and 27 years since I saw Motohead there first time 'at their peak'. They were awful coincidentally ........ Cheers Neil

2:35 PM  

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