Monday, March 29, 2010

In Denial...

I'm 45 today and in complete denial about it!

So weird - just cannot get my head around that fact, and of course that in another fast-forward 5 years (which will feel subjectively like about 18 months) I'll be 50.
It is so strange!

On Saturday I had to go into London for something, but was done by 2pm so went over to Wimbledon to see the tennis museum. One of the features is a little trip to a viewing platform on Centre Court, my first visit to "the cathedral of tennis" since 1987. As everyone says, it's a shock to see how small and intimate it is, especially compared to it's hideous competitors like the infamous Ashe Heap in Flushing Meadows.

The museum is rather nice with that immaculate clean hyper-maintained look that pervades the whole grounds. While some of the high tech displays are a bit tacky, the alternative would be static displays of yellowing tennis clothes, posters and warped rackets - not really worth seeing for all but the most die hard fans.



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