Monday, April 02, 2012


It was my 47th birthday on Thursday.

The odd thing about aging is that after about 26 or so you don't feel any older, it's just the image in the mirror that changes.

Of course it's a simplification. I remember distinctly at around 32 getting the first imitations of mortality, and by 36 fully understanding why even outstanding athletes retire around that age. It was as if gravity itself had been clicked up a notch or two on the dial.

Since then there are long periods when my body feels just the same as ever, and then moments or episodes when shows signs of aging. I've put on at least 20 lbs since my mid 20s, my chest (which was never great) is gradually losing capacity, and the normal aches and pains after taking exercise seem to persist longer. Likewise cuts and abrasions tend to linger a day or two longer than before.

It's all very gradual of course and entirely natural and unremarkable. Practically speaking, my generation is fitter, stronger, taller and healthier than any before it, although younger generations to come will benefit even more. A report I read somewhere this week claimed that one in three babies born now will live to be 100 years old. Which is amazing and also has all sorts of implications for retirement ages and healthcare and the part of ageism (and reverse ageism) in the workforce.

And so much for all that.

I had a great day with Mandy and had some lovely presents including an Amazon Kindle electronic book, and some new tennis shoes.



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