Friday, May 13, 2016

Why Successful People are so Boring

There's a really good article in The Guardian today by Gabby Hinsliff.

Her subject is successful career women, but in my experience it could just as easily apply to successful business men:

It was only after a panellist cheerily remarked one year that the price of having four kids and a successful business is having zero cultural hinterland – no hobbies, no opinions on the hit Sunday night drama you didn’t have time to watch, no time or energy to read anything more challenging than a glossy magazine – that the penny dropped. Looking at what successful people do is only half the picture. It’s what they don’t do, in order to fit in all the impressive stuff, that’s revealing.

Zero cultural hinterland - that's exactly right, and explains just how mind numbingly boring many successful people are, and how narrow and focussed they have to be.



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