Friday, January 14, 2005

Thank God it's Friday

The end of the first full week back at work after Christmas. It was a l-o-n-g one, but not too bad, and I managed to achieve one or two useful tasks.

Back home I realise there are four messages left on the phone since Wednesday - I'd been too busy and exhausted to check! At least the new mobile is picking up a few calls that would have otherwise been missed. Plans for the week-end are vague, but a trip to the cinema on Sunday with one of my few remaining friends in this provincial town is something to look forward too.

T.S. Eliot got it wrong - January is the cruellest month, not April. Two pretty teenagers were taking the piss out of me on the train back this evening, already drunk and probably off to a party or a session of pubbing. I managed to placate them by agreeing to offer them a sweet each, and... somewhat shamed by this, we had a little chat. They were both glowing with health and beauty, it must be nice to look in a mirror and be pleased by what you see. For me, there's the delicious prospect of being entirely alone tomorrow. I need space and time and solitude on a regular basis. I suspect my teenage companions on the train are the exact opposite.

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