Monday, November 28, 2005

The Attack on Al-Jeezera

No apologies for citing Robert Fisk yet again.

There are currently D-Notices out to suppress the story of how good 'ole Dubya Fuckwit wanted to bomb Al-Jeezera but was dissuaded by the gallant and principled Lord Blair of Kut al Amara.

Fisky's memory is somewhat different:

I remarked how easy a target his Baghdad office would make if the Americans wanted to destroy its coverage - seen across the Arab world - of civilian victims of the Anglo-American bombing of Iraq. "Don’t worry, Robert," Tareq had replied. "We’ve given the Americans the exact location of our bureau so we won’t get hit." Three days later, Tareq was dead.

Click here for the full story of the destruction of Al-Jeezera.

* * *
My memories of Al-Jeezera are less dramatic but happier.

A serious young lady who spoke fluent and correct English interviewed me and some other volunteers for background information on a story she was doing the following month. Her dedication and comitment to accuracy were impressive.



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