Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The World Cup

The World Cup is here again, and it's wonderful how much pleasure it gives...

Let's hope England play well tomorrow and that this time the luck will go our way and we end up winning the tournament.

I love the way you can pin down specific memories to specific dates - for instance:

An upsetting evening on the 4th of July 1990 when England lost to West Germany on penalties in the semi-finals.

The most exciting football match I've ever seen was on the 30th of June 1998 when England lost to Argentina, also on penalties.

And a very early memory of a football match is of June 7th 1970, when England played Brazil, and lost 1-0. I watched a recording of that game a few years ago and the quality of Brazil is outstanding, as is the performance of England captain Bobby Moore who at times seems to be single handedly breaking down every attack...

Hummmm too many losses in that list - Come on England!


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