Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Murry vs Henman

I'm very lucky in having some of the kindest neighbours in the world. Fully equipped with cable TV, they know I like watching tennis and were kind enough to tape the whole of the Murry vs Henman match from Cincinatti. The cassette was waiting for me on the doorstep last night, along with a brief message on a yellow sticky.

Watching the beautiful match, which may well have featured the best British men's tennis played for 60 or 70 years, I was reminded of Mark Nicholas' comments from June:

But there is no Tiger Tim any more, never was really. Instead we have Tantalising Tim, a marvellously gifted and flowing sportsman from an age of touch and feel, slice and drop, even serve and volley that the baseline's heavy-hitters and grunters have blown away. Let's face it, he even looks a bit square. You know, tennis shorts and shirt both pristine white and so last century against the board shorts and singlet vests that are increasingly de rigueur. Maybe, the tale of Henman to Nadal is in the wardrobe.



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