Monday, November 20, 2006

Serial Killer

A few of you who wear anoracks may remember a brief meal out I had with Tracy, one of the local street prostitutes, back in October 2005.

Well, it turns out that Tracy is in fact called Gemma, and nobody has seen her since Tuesday 14th November when she was dropped off at the pub opposite my house at 10pm.

Since our chips I’d always got the nod from her and we occasionally said things like ‘Hiya’ and ‘Alright?’ and ‘Take care’ to each other. But that’s as far as it went
– rather like a friendly neighbour three doors down – someone whom you have nothing in common with but acknowledge on your way to the supermarket.

So it’s hard to explain how upsetting her likely murder is. Perhaps its because Gemma was so thin and small and frail looking - with hindsight one of life's victims, although I doubt she thought of herself like that.

Before she disappeared the police were already concerned about another girl called Tania who went missing in the same area a couple of weeks before. They take this 'coincidence’ very seriously.

All over the week-end their helicopter hung over patches of waste ground, derelict buildings were searched, and divers were in the river near the Handford Road Bridge.

I really hope the girls are alive, but doubt it.



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