Monday, April 09, 2007


I've just finished a rather disjointed sunny Easter break by watching Sunshine which was equally disjointed - good in parts but a badly edited badly acted mess in others.
Like many recent films, it seems terrified to spend more than a minute or two for us to get to know the characters. And... if you don't know the characters, you don't care about them, and what happens to them, no matter how spectacular or repulsive their ends may be...
On the other hand I did find the visuals beautiful, and the whole thing was suffused in a kind of aethistic spiritualism which was interesting and unusual.
Equally disjointed were my repairs to Panne on Friday/Sat and my tennis game on Sunday.
One of the many downsides of getting older is just how l-o-n-g your body takes to recover from something like 90 minutes of tennis. My right arm is still aching today and my legs feel almost as bad.
Last thought - judging from the trailer (which [groan] gives far too much of the plot away) 28 Weeks Later looks excellent.


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