Saturday, December 22, 2007

The You-Tube Lilly

On the tube in London yesterday, but this time as a passenger on that part of the Jubilee Line that will always be special, cause I've walked along it, and back again (see below).

On the train I skimmed one of several free papers that will cause the Evening Standard to go out of business in another 5-10 years (party at my place on that happy day).

Anyway, one of the articles in the freebie (who's title rhymes with "Shite") was a feature on the YouTube star, Paperlilie; I tried to remember her name for future entertainment.

The tube home was the easy part of last night's journey.

A dense fog enveloped most of the low lying South East, and the drive home took several hours. Back in the killing streets of dear old Ipswich, I discover my house (left alone and defenceless for two weeks) has no electricity...

Fuck. Shit. Bollox.

I grub around in the kitchen and eventually find both candles and matches. In turn these lead to the discovery of a torch that works. In turn that leads to a careful examination of new fuse box (prime suspect), the post (have I been cut-off through some Christmas cock-up at Power Gen?), and finally the building site next door.

The old master switch, still in place and covered only by a thin layer of condensation is in the OFF position. ON it goes and the problem is solved...
But the house, Victorian in the worst sense of the world, is like one of the ice boxes 19th century people used before electricity and fridges and all that good stuff.

I had a miserable shivering freezing night, and surprise surprise, felt ill today. Expeditions to pick up presents from the Post Office, buy last minute presents and choose a few more Christmas cards were binned.

Instead... I slept late and tried to keep warm.

Which brings me finally to Paperlilie's You Tube films and blog. Aching and feverish and stuck indoors the afternoon was made bearable by watching the short films of Paperlilie.

Like several million other people, I found her charming, pretty and occasionally profound. The wit and humour and general "cleverness" never hurt either.

She's sure to be on 'proper' telly soon - good luck to her.


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