Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Ipswich Murders Trial - Day 24

Judge Justice Gross continued his summing up, which lasted the entire day.

As we’ve learned to expect, it was a complete factual summing up of the case; reminding the jury of each expert witness and the evidence they presented.

There was nothing new, but there were some details that had escaped me before. For instance Anneli Alderton’s body was discovered posed in a ‘crucifix’ position (which I knew) but that her hair was also laid out straight, and that the left hand was posed palm up, the right palm down. It suggests the killer took quite a bit of care to achieve the look he desired.

Annette Nichols was found in a similar position with her hair almost “symmetrically straight up.”

These two bodies formed a contrast to Paula Clennell who appeared to be dumped face down without any posing, with her hair caught up in brambles. I wonder if the killer was disturbed, and didn’t get the chance to lay out Paula in the way he wanted.

The rest of the summing up concerned the exhaustive DNA evidence, the equally detailed fibre evidence, the pathologists report, and Steve Wright’s testimony.

Tomorrow the judge will finish summing up the case, and the jury will retire to consider it’s verdict. It’s possible (although in my opinion unlikely) that we may even have a verdict tomorrow, or more likely on Thursday or Friday.



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