Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Ipswich Murders Trial - Day 16

The prosecution tied up the final loose ends of its case today. Once again, we had forensics, but this time of the type the ‘Life on Mars’ team would recognise; human hairs and fingerprints.

Two of the hairs in Steve Wright’s car came from Anette Nicholls.

The car and Wright’s flat was tested (extensively I assume) for fingerprints; they found plenty but none belonged to any of the victims.

The toxicology report revealed nothing we didn’t already know – Heroin, Cocaine and/or crack-cocaine in all the victims apparently consumed shortly before death.

Finally there was a bit of detail about the interrogation. Wright was questioned for 8 hours and 10 minutes but in 10 separate interviews (average interview length 49 minutes). He answered every question with a terse ‘no comment.’

By 9:50am on Thursday December 21st 2006 the Police decided they weren’t going to get a confession and in any case didn’t need one; they charged him with all five murders.



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