Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day Off

Well, I *sort* of got the election right and since then thoughts have turned to the World Cup and upcoming grass court tennis season (blink and you've missed it).

Managed to score a ticket to Queens Club on Monday - a rather lovely old British institution - home of the LTA until recently and also Tim Henman's base.
It supposedly has the finest grass courts in the world, and to my inexpert eyes centre court looked wonderful just before the start of play at 12:30pm.

Day one of the tournament featured several plucky Brits battling against players a hundred or more places above them on the ATP computer rankings. No luck for Jamie Baker, James Ward or Alex Bogdanovic, but we did get to see an authentic star in the shape of Richard Gasquet, whose wonderful strokes and sublime backhand were a pleasure to see.

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