Monday, June 25, 2012

Immigration, Football and Monday Morning

I just can't get it together this Monday morning, so decided to write a blog entry during my mid-morning break. 

Over the week-end, I read the best article I've seen on the edgy topic of immigration. You can find it here at the excellent Flipchart Fairytales business blog.

Last night England were totally outclassed by Italy in the 1/4 finals of the European Championships. It was a rather harrowing game, which featured full-on dominance by Italy. We did well to hang on, riding our luck and defending gallantly to reach the penalty shoot-out. That, needless to say, went badly. I've seen every England penalty shoot-out since 1990, and this one was by far the least harrowing - because we thoroughly deserved to lose the match and of course did. The Italians were simply better at all aspects of football and that included taking penalties, full stop.

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