Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tough Month

Like many other people, I've always found January to be the hardest month of the year.

It's not hard to work out why; Christmas is over, and money is tight especially for us contract workers who don't get any paid holiday. Then there's the weather, which this month has been a mixture of comparatively warm and wet followed by bitterly cold with snow followed by warmer and wet and stormy.

My contract is coming to an end, and I've been experiencing the joys of job interviews. So far I've had two, both of which have necessitated a day off work (you lose, matey), both of which went to second interview (another half day's money down the drain, matey) and both of which have (so far) come to nothing.

The only consolation is that another lousy January ends at midnight, and that February will struggle to be as bad. I hope.



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