Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Horror of Gaza

Israel has been bombarding Gaza for nearly a week now, and the inevitable consequence of bombarding densely populated urban areas is a lot of dead children. Children killed in the cruellest way imaginable.

Until relatively recently, there was of course a complete taboo on images of this kind ever getting beyond paramedic and military training programmes. Like so much else in the world the Internet is changing all that, to the point when I wonder if aerial bombardment of urban areas even has a future.

It's hard to express how much Israel is damaging itself by bombarding Gaza, and how much images like this damage Israel's cause. The sheer RAGE I'm feeling now at people like Netanyahu and 'Mr Cool' President Obama is impossible to express. And I'm not alone.

NOTE: I've found these pictures being distributed from several places and on FaceBook, and am assuming they are in the public doman to help spread the word about Gaza. If you can prove to me you own a picture or pictures here, please let me know and I'll either remove them or credit you. 

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