Wednesday, April 15, 2020


  • Bird song - louder and more varied than before
  • Empty roads, but filled with parked cars, often spilling over the drives and half on the pavements. Modern cars are so big and wide
  • Empty pavements, and when someone approaches you, you give them a lot of distance - two meters is the recommended minimum
  • Patient queues of widely spaced people outside supermarkets and grocery shops
  • Quiet
  • Low level anxiety, about health and wealth. 
  • Missing friends and family and colleagues
  • Working from home for weeks
  • Watching the 5pm press conference from No 10. The minister (Boris Johnson is still convalescing at Checquers) is flanked by two scientific advisers
  • Rather underwhelming video conferencing than promises more than it delivers
  • Mourning cancelled sports events like Euro 2020, and Wimbledon
  • Wondering when things will get back to normal, and how normal that normal will be

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