Friday, May 22, 2020

Crisis Averted (For Now)

The cumulative death figure is shocking and dismaying - we're the highest in Europe, although not per capita. But at least the trend is firmly downward. The graph above is from The Guardian and shows the deaths up until the 8th of May. 

On the 11th of May the restrictions were lifted a bit, and we've noticed much increased traffic and footfall. But it's still much much quieter than normal. Birdsong seems very loud, and I've now been working from home for the longest period ever - 10 weeks.

The worry is now that as the restrictions are eased a little we'll get a rise in cases. Some of the kids will be back in school in early June. Children are traditionally the viral reservoir that feeds everyone else, so this, like so many other government decisions is a partially calculated risk.

Personally I think we'll get away with it, but then I also thought we might get away with under 5,000 deaths, which seems like a sick joke now.  

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