Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Two Artists - Julian Mitchell and Kate Evans

A couple of new links appear on the blog from today onwards.

Julian Mitchell is an award-winning photographer. His subjects range from moody landscapes to the medieval interior of Lincoln Cathedral, to surreal close-ups of everything from strawberries to droplets of water. But you can recognise a style of super-real clarity and a Zen-like calm common to almost all of them. There’s nothing of the snapshot about Julian’s work – he produces his pictures with skill and craft, and sometimes takes hours of trial and error to get a single photograph right.

Co-activist Kate Evans is a young artist and political cartoonist who works with ink and paint. Her inspiration is current events and global concerns. Like most good jokes her cartoons simply tell the truth in an original and creative way. Kate has a piece called This Isn’t News in an exhibition called Three Cities, which occurs simultaneously in Ramallah, Tel Aviv and New York in November. Details to follow.


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