Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Thick of It

It’s rare that any TV series really grabs me, although I still have fond memories of Cracker and the cruel yet compelling Cardiac Arrest from the 1990s, and more recently the gritty satire of Bodies.

Both the medical dramas were scripted by the brilliant Dr. Jed Mecurio, who was forced to write Cardiac Arrest under the pen name John Macure, as he was still a serving NHS doctor at the time. I suppose under the right set of circumstances, it's possible to view both as very dark comedies.

Last night was the last episode of another very dark comedy, the wonderful political drama The Thick of It which walked a very clever line between comedy and realism. The acting and the fly-on-the-wall atmosphere (it's all hand-held cameras and what appears to be natural light) are a treat. Let's hope there's another series in the works...

Core belief: If you keep your eyes open you can get all the laughs you’ll ever need at work…



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