Monday, February 20, 2006


Urgh - woke up hopelessly late today and was one and half hours late for work (shit!).

My excuse - there isn't any excuse. I'm lazy and hate my job (even a nice job with good people like this one) and would rather sleep in on a Monday morning.

There is a reason I'm so tired though - I had to watch the good bad horror film Final Destination II to the end last night (see picture above).

It was well amusing and featured what must be one of the most OTT vehicle pileups in cinema history. That sequence, and indeed the whole film, was filled with the exploding cars convention. You know the one - subject any type of vehicle with an internal combustion engine to an impact of 25 m.p.h or more and it explodes into a huge bright yellow/orange fireball. It's a strange convention, as most of us have been involved in a car accident at some point, and one of the striking (pun pun) things about them is how reluctant cars are to explode. In fact, despite high pressure fuel injection systems, it's amazing how few cars even catch fire after a shunt.

Aliens viewing our film and TV dramas would assume we're using a hydrogen-napalm-nitroglycerine fuel in magnesium vehicles with high explosive tyres...



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