Thursday, February 09, 2006


Things are picking up all of a sudden.

I’m about to start a three day week-end with a trip to Blue Water tomorrow to see old friend Sweet Jane. The name Blue Water seems very strange for a shopping centre which is presumably like Brent Cross only a bit bigger. For me the name has associations with a shark film, an expensive navy, and another shark film. Are these really the sorts of associations you’d want for a monument to consumerism?

After a long period of burn-out (due to boredom, not lack of money) I’ve found my poker batteries recharged, and I’ve been doing reasonably well in a series of small on-line tournaments. Over the week-end I came 141st out of 1000+ runners on Party Poker, frustratingly short of the money, but on Tuesday night I finished just in the money at 30th of of 250 players at Paradise, entered the same tournament last night and came a solid 6th out of 253. It's nice to know I can still cut it, especially as my cards haven't been too clever.

Finally, Floozy of Montparnasse sent a lovely vivid e-mail today that describes her first couple of days as an English teacher in Thailand. Her situation sounds basic yet slightly idyllic, especially the working hours - three hours a day over a five day week.

Dunno what to think about Thailand. A lot of my friends have lived and worked there over the years and I’ve always thought I’d go one day, even though the distant colonial French vibe of Vietnam and especially Laos has more appeal. In the meantime, perhaps I’ll rent a copy of The Beach, or maybe Brokedown Palace (the excuse for the picture above) this week-end? If nothing else they'll take my mind off England in February...



Blogger David Young said...

Sweet Jane? Not the same person who used that name on the Gutshot forum, is it?


5:15 PM  
Blogger roGER said...

No David, the Jane I'm speaking of has (to my knowledge) never played a hand of poker in her life.

2:20 PM  

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