Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Ipswich Murders Trial - Day 3

Day 3 was the day the trial actually started.

Proceedings were delayed while the original jury was dismissed after one of their number felt ill or something, so the original 10 men and 2 women were replaced with 9 men and 3 women.

I’d have been crazed with rage if I were a member of the original 12, and was then dismissed because some idiot failed to declare an illness…

Anyway, what did we learn today?

Firstly, a major problem for anyone reporting or blogging this case – the accused, Steve Wright, is being prosecuted by Peter Wright Q.C. Just to add to this bonkers coincidence, the journalists seem to refer to Steve Wright’s partner as Pamela Wright. On first and second readings I assumed they are married, but if that’s the case, then why not refer to Pamela as his wife?!?

Steve Wright living with Pamela Wright (no relation) being prosecuted by Peter Wright Q.C (no relation) – sounds like a trailer for one of those hysterically unfunny ‘screwball’ comedies that take up time before the main feature.

Hysterically unfunny sums up much of the prosecution case today.

The most sensational suggestion was that Wright may have had an accomplice. This was yet another rumour doing the rounds during December 2006, but I ignored it and frankly forgot all about it until I heard it today. It’s rather ominous for the prosecution case, as it suggests uncertainty, or least a degree of doubt about some of the evidence they are presenting. A cast iron case would surely know if the accused had an accomplice or not.

Another surprise was a degree of ritual in the way the bodies were left; Annette Nicholls and Anneli Alderton were left naked in a ‘crucifix’ position, arms outstretched.

Finally, it may be that the key to the prosecution case is in the last victim, Paula Clennell. Paula's body was dumped in a hurry, possibly by someone startled to find Police at the scene of the Nicholls and Alerton bodies. The claim is that there is DNA and fabric evidence linking Steve Wright and his car to the bodies of Annette Nichols and Paula Clennell.

There's also a claim that the odds of this DNA belonging to someone else are "a billion to one." A suspiciously large and round number methinks....



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