Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Ipswich Murders Trial - Days 5 and 6.

There was a heavy Police presence at the end of the road yesterday morning with three officers outside Steve Wright's house (the windows have been boarded up for months and the whole property has a slightly derelict look about it).

Further down the road were more officers, and those dinky little cones that fit in back of Police vehicles. I suppose I should have taken a picture for the blog but it didn't feel appropriate at the time.

An hour or two after I left for work, the jury, lawyers and the judge turned up in a coach. They didn't enter the building, or even get off and have a look around outside. After a ten minute pause they went off into the miserable saturated gray countryside of scrubby woodland and swollen streams; the sites where the bodies were found just over a year ago.

Back then some said the murders were a sign of society's indifference to a female underclass.

I'm not so sure - all of the sites the jury visited yesterday had little 'shrines' to the victims. The site where Gemma's body was discovered even has a tree planted on the banks of the stream.

Everyone in Ipswich was horrified by the attacks and the lifestyles of the victims.

Today the jury returns to the court, where the first witnesses will be questioned.



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