Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Mere Trifle

When roGER was young, life was so shit that things like this were a treat.

Watched an interesting and witty program last night about Tudor cuisine.

The message seemed to be that British cusine, even for the richest members of society has always been warmed over shit with boiled cabbage.

But last week’s show, watched in the company of “K” was even better; our heros experienced 1970s cuisine.

It was quite a jolt to realise what a creature of that wretched decade I am. Among the 1970s foods that I still like very much (even though I’d be ashamed to order them in public now) are:
  • Prawn cocktail
  • Steak and chips
  • Black forest gateau
Talking after the program had ended, K added trifle to her list and then we both realised it had been at least 10 years since we last saw trifle or a sweet trolley.

Strange to suddenly notice how the culture changes in your own lifetime…


Blogger miss josie said...

Don't like trifle (except for Francis') but LOVE the rest of the 70's menu! Why can we only ever get "mixed (sometimes) young leaves" these days... what is wrong with normal lettuce? I'm working my way through "The Prawn Cocktail Years" cookbook by Simon Hopkinson, next time you're in Paris we'll have to do a 70's dinner at home - beef stroganoff par exemple? and perhaps a few bits of pineapples on sticks, or not actually...
Have a great time at the tennis with SG and would love to see you soon

10:27 PM  

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