Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm currently 'at work' in the office...

My clothes were fresh-on approximately 29 hours ago.

Every now and again I fall asleep until a little jolt of vertigo wakes me up before my head hits the keyboard or (worst case scenario) the carpet.*

The cause? A good night's poker in a little tournament yesterday evening that went well into the small hours of the morning.

The result? 4th place out of 73 players, and nearly £300 better off than this time yesterday.

Wrinkles, stubble and tiredness be damned.

* A note for the C.B.I Thought Police. The use of the personal pronoun does not necessarily mean me, myself, the real I because fictional processes may have been at work. Furthermore, I am unaware of any such diminution of personal productivity caused by such a poker game, nor would I be disposed to discuss such a poker game, if in fact, such a poker game did in fact, exist.



Blogger Rob Wynne said...

Thanks for commenting on Traitor Joe Lieberman. He's the lowest form of protozoan slime. Does everyone in the UK also hate Rush Limbaugh?

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