Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Job

Argh! Another missed month.

Facebook must have destroyed hundreds of thousands of blogs, and put many more like this one on life support.

Anyway, my big news is that after three and a half years of steady work in London, working on a very traditional engineering project, I've got myself a new job, this time working on high tech stuff in a village a few miles from Peterborough.

It's stressful and a long way from home, but I'm gradually getting the hang of it, and the thought of a nice holiday at the end of it al keeps me going.

Keeping going seems to be the theme for all of us right now, as it's February (always a tough month) and we're in the midst of a recession and a lot of instability in the Middle East.

Roll on Spring!

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Blogger David Young said...

And roll on instability in the middle east. Would you want to live under the 'stability' of the Gaddafi regime? Or Mubarak?

11:15 PM  
Blogger roGER said...

If the alternative to a brutal dictator is the bloody shambles of Bush's Iraq, I'll take the bloody dictator every time.

To quote Andrew Sullivan from memory "Yes he [Saddam Hussien] was a monster. But I didn't realise that war is a monster too."

That said, we should be cautiously optimistic about Egypt.

9:09 AM  

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