Monday, April 01, 2013

April Fool

I've been meaning to do a March 2013 entry to the blog for several weeks now, finally got around to doing it last night and.... watched The Girl Who Played with Fire instead. 


I was 48 years old on Good Friday (Easter was early this year) and the new job seems to be going quite well, although the probationary period lasts three months so there's a way to go yet before I can completely relax.

Work on the edge of Cambridge means a 'new' (rather old) car; a 1998 Nissan Micra Shape model, which I know from past experience is boring to drive but extremely economical and doesn't attract joy riders. In fact it may be the car-thief equivalent of Barry Manilow CDs - completely unwanted and toxic.

Great news - after years of trying, the Wimbledon ballot delivered two tickets for the Women's Singles Final no less, although finding an unexpected £240 in a week was a bit of a struggle. Pictures and a report of the final in early July are to follow.



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