Saturday, October 01, 2005


It was my last day at work yesterday. I'm tempted to go into a very long, very boring, technical explanation of the troubles I've had with software applications over the past few days.

Suffice to say that nothing is more frustrating than when technology stops helping you solve problems and instead creates them.

It was an unusual situation in that two of us left within the same week, so two handovers had to be done, instead of the usual one. The fact that one of us was in Scotland, so the whole thing had to be done over the phone and by e-mail made the game more... interesting.

I finally wrapped it up at about 4:30pm, which didn't leave much time to do the enjoyable part of leaving a company - clearing your desk, chatting to colleagues, gazing at the pages and pages of notes filled with senseless scribble about projects nobody remembers or cares about any more. "What was that all about?!?" you wonder, leafing through a notebook from September 2004.

My colleagues were great, as always, and gave me some nice pressies in the pub at lunchtime, although even that was far from perfect - we couldn't get lunch for an hour after we arrived because the "chef is too busy with a big order." Hummmmm, at least 20 people won't be going there again.

So until Tuesday morning I'm in an enjoyable limbo, unemployed for a long week-end.

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Blogger Raymond said...

Hello - on the first day of your not being here in the office, the FHM Honeys desk calendar you left had a joke you might appreciate (or even know for that matter):

Q. "What's the difference between the Israeli Army and Dwight Yorke (or more recently Peter Andre)?"

A. "The Israeli Army knew when to pull out of Jordan."


8:39 am  
Blogger roGER said...

Good one!

How strange that particular joke should appear then...

Perhaps it's proof of the existance of "intelligent design."

3:01 pm  

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