Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We're Still Led by a Coward

Foreign Secretary Straw Man

We are the hollow men,
We are the stuffed men,
Leaning together,
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when,
We whisper together,
Are quiet and meaningless

- TS Elliot 1925

Actually there’s no “we” involved here, instead it’s the pathetic performance of the Straw Man yesterday that’s the issue.

Faced with a tricky situation in the Palestinian prison of Jericho, the Straw Man writes a few letters to the marginalised Palestinian Authority President, and then cuts and runs leaving Palestinians (once again) to be invaded, killed and captured by the Israeli terror machine.

So far so bad, but the way this terror machine swung into action a mere 20 minutes after the British and American monitors left the prison makes a bad decision an abysmal one.

There is just no way that a full scale invasion and assault could be planned and started in that time. Straw’s insistence that there was no collusion insults the intelligence of anyone who cares to listen to him.

But what if Straw Man is telling the truth?!? The only plausible explanation then is that the leak came from the Americans. If so, Straw must go public with this information, and threaten to withdraw British troops from Iraq as payback for the danger caused to British nationals and property all over the Middle East.

But of course that requires courage from the Hollow Man, the Straw Man.



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