Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can You Get Out, Please?

A very spooky thing just happened;

I was alone in the sitting room tapping away on the laptop, when behind me the door (which was ajar) opened and I became aware that someone was in the room.

So I turn around and peer into the twilight, expecting to see my neighbour Kimberly, or perhaps my landlord Nick, or maybe Kimberly's young daughter Kaylie. The back door is open, and we all get on well enough for any of them to come in through the kitchen and ask me for whatever; batteries perhaps, or maybe a screwdriver, or a torch or something. I'm notorious for getting engrossed in a book or a task and being completely unaware of a polite knock or a cough or whatever sign that people give to interrupt you.

But there was nobody there.

Just the door, wide open. Maybe it's shock or fear, but the temperature seemed to drop several degrees, and the hairs on my forearms came up in goose pimples.

So I say out loud "Can you get out, please?" and after a second or two, the door shuts firmly.




It's gusty outside, and the doors that are ajar have been banging and swaying all day. But not that door, and I've been sat here several hours.

Then there's my own psychological state; I've been very stressed at work recently, and today I've been too lazy to bother eating very much so maybe I'm a bit low on blood sugar and running on reserve. If a hallucination is going to happen; now is as good a time as any this week-end.

I don't believe in ghosts, although I do believe that many of us have a few ESP moments in a lifetime. Interestingly there is no scientific technique to investigate things that occur that infrequently; the standard (entirely plausible) explanation is coincidence. Inevitable if you roll those dice enough times and I've played enough poker to know that randomness can often appear very non-random.

So... a particularly strong gust of wind causes an air-pressure imbalance that opens the door, admits a blast of cold air from outside, and then passes, causing an opposite pressure imbalance that closes the door.

None the less, it's 'textbook' paranormal; especially that sense you get when someone enters a room, and the sudden temperature drop. And I don't recall feeling the slightest breeze throughout the whole episode.

So maybe, just maybe... I've 'seen' a ghost.



Blogger roGER said...

"CB" posted this comment on David's blog - for some reason s/he couldn't post here.

Hi Roger.

Couldn't leave a comment on your blog so thought I'd leave it here.



or maybe an alien? Or maybe an invisible monkey? If you ignore the logical explanation, why is "ghost" more likely than the alien or the monkey?



8:47 PM  
Blogger roGER said...

I used the term ghost because in this culture at this time, it's more appropriate for the situation described.

Most people would find "Alien" and especially "Invisible monkey" confusing.

However I take your point - what I was describing was a fluky series of events that some might interpret as paranormal.

8:50 PM  

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