Thursday, October 20, 2005

Amy Knight

There's an insistence in business and professional writing circles that you can really teach writing, and it isn't some weird arty-farty skill that people either have or haven't got.

Apply the right method and technique and a good report or advert or manual or whatever automatically follows.

Well... up to a point Lord Copper.

It's true there are plenty of little tricks and techniques that technical and copy writers use that you can demonstrate and teach to people. But as teachers know, learning and technique and practise only get you so far - you can't put in what god (or evolution) left out. This applies especially to most 'entertainment' writing - creative, fiction, and comedy.

Which brings me to Amy Knight's amazing blog entitled Always Bored at Work. When it comes to writing, Amy has got it, pure and simple.

Lucky cow.


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Thanks for taking time to read. Post again soon, I do so enjoy your blog. Love to you. Pennydoll

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