Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Disturbing Phonecall

My colleague Jane's phone rings, she's not at her desk, so I answer:

Hello. Jane's desk.

(heavily accented, female, Spanish perhaps?): Is Jane there?

I'm sorry she's working from home this morning, can I leave a message?

[long pause] No... [long pause] No.


Yes, sure. Can I borrow you for a moment?

Yes, of course, where are you?

Standing up behind you.


I put the phone down, and turn around.

Nobody is standing.

I stand up and look down the office.

Nobody is standing.

I look to my half right.

Nobody is standing

I look to my half left.

Nobody is standing.

I look out of the window at the car-park.

Nobody is standing.

I sit down, and await the call-back, which will say "where are you?" or "why didn't you come over?"

I wait.

I get back to work. Distracted. Looking over at Jane's silent phone.

It's been nearly an hour now, and it's really bothering me way more than it should... Grrrrr!


Blogger Penny Doll said...

That is almost as creepy as "I see dead people"! Take care, it is almost Halloween. Pennydoll

3:39 pm  

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