Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Week-End

The runners wait for the start of the Edinburgh Marathon - in suitably historic Eastern Mediterranean weather.

A great week-end but not this week-end, or even last week-end spent in the exotic heart of Birmingham, but the week-end before that...

Went up to Edinburgh to see D, and several mates from work who were all competing in the Edinburgh marathon.

My 100% sunny record of trips to Edinburgh continues, this was really hot and sunny - suitable for a wide range of activities except for running 26 miles and 385 yards. Not that that got in the way of my intrepid colleagues. Going from memory Paddy finished in 4 hours 20, Katie about an hour later, and Phil an hour or so after that. You really needed to have been in Edinburgh three weeks ago to appreciate what an achievement finishing the marathon was; it really was hot!

Left to Right; Paddy, Katy and Phil.

While my colleagues ran the marathon, D and myself did our usual "Scotland in 48 Hours" trick at a frenetic pace. In no particular order:

Royal Research Ship Discovery which took Captain Scott to the Antarctic on his first successful expedition.

A castle the name of which I've forgotten.

Her Britannic Majesty's Ship Unicorn

Unicorn looked utter shite from the outside (a hulk basically) but inside it's a very well preserved early 19th century sailing frigate. I wish I'd taken a picture of the shockingly cramped mess deck below the gun deck - D and myself are hardly the tallest guys you'll meet but even we had to stoop the whole time were down there. Really makes you appreciate why they needed things like press gangs in order to crew these ships.

Another different castle that I've also forgotten the name of...

The remains of the Antonine Wall which is some distance North of Hadrian's Wall.

On Sunday we walked about a mile to see the best preserved bit of the Antonine Wall, a more Northern version of Hadrian's wall. The walk, more of a stroll really, left us breathless and a thirsty. At that time my friends from work were about 1/3rd of the way through their marathon.

A rather nice piece of engineering to replace several locks.

And there you have it - cram more into 48 blissful hours - I challange you!



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