Friday, October 28, 2005

Creationist Quotes

In the United States, the creationists are back, only this time around they are calling themselves intelligent designers.

This is great news for anyone who needs a laugh. For example:

Not all of the young-earth creationists are scientists. One of the creationist witnesses at the Arkansas trial was Dr. Norman Geisler, a fundamentalist theologian at the Dallas Theological Seminary. During his pre-trial deposition, Geisler was asked if he believed in a real Devil. Yes, he replied, he did, and cited some Biblical verses as confirmation. The conversation then went:

Are there, sir, any other evidences for that belief besides certain passages of Scripture?

Oh, yes. I have known personally at least 12 persons who were clearly possessed by the Devil. And then there are the UFOs.

The UFOs? Why are they relevant to the existence of the Devil?

Well, you see, they represent the Devil's major, in fact, final attack on the earth.

Oh. And sir, may I ask how you know, as you seem to know, that there are UFOs?

I read it in the Readers Digest.

(Trial Transcript, US District Court, McLean v Arizona, 1981, cited in Gilkey, 1985, p. 76)

It's marvelous isn't it? You just couldn't make this stuff up. Bringing us right up to date, here's another quote:

We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture.

- Ray Mummert, creationist from Dover, Pennsylvania, 2005

How horrid and unfair life is, Ray.

The source for all this great stuff is this website.



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