Thursday, November 03, 2005

Child Killer

Melanie Philips is one of those why oh why oh why today’s society is doomed and I’m enraged! rabid bitches. You know, the type paid to scribble topical filth each week on a couple of pages of the Daily Mail.

Mostly she writes about social issues, Zionism, and politics, the sort of areas where zero-qualifications, zero-logic thinking, and a chin that drips with excessive saliva are no handicap. After all, in Mel's world if someone disagrees with you they must be
a deluded liberal, an unrepentant socialist, or an evil terror loving anti-Semite. Probably all three.

But Mel fucked up recently when she wrote a story that attacks the MMR vaccine. For those of you who don’t know, the Daily Mail was almost single handedly responsible for the unjustified and superstitious health scare about this vaccine, something that’s become gradually clear over the past couple of years. Mel really should know that, and leave this tired old subject alone, especially as her qualifications to write the article are a science-free English degree and a lot of anger.

Alas, her article caught the eye of Doctor Ben Goldacre, who writes the Bad Science column in the Guardian. Bad Science, if you don’t know it, is a lonely yet sharp column of real science that exposes some of the many lies found amongst the homeopathic drugs, colonic irrigation, grifters, and feng shui theory that is the subject of so much popular science and medical journalism.

Doctor Goldacre’s verdict on Mel’s article was damning:

She cites “research data” of highly dubious status and misrepresents what data there is.

Yup, that’s Mel’s world in a nutshell.

Mel darling, may you eat shit and die, preferably tonight, you filthy stinking child killer.



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