Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tableau vivant

We're so lucky to have had three classic Wimbledon men's finals in a row. At the end of each one, I've found myself feeling deeply sorry for the loser.

Others feel the same. This is the last line of the match report by the Guardian's live blogger Scott Murry who reported the entire match on line with wit and skill:

Tableau vivant: Roddick is sitting in his chair, motionless, dead behind the eyes, contemplating deeply existential issues.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Rack of High Society


Thanks to you, the blog has reached the dizzy heights of a rack of high society ($10,000 in black $100 chips), or ten grand, or whatever. Hits to this site, actually.

Alas in over a decade of serious poker, I never actually heard the term "high society" till I saw the dreadfully titled but otherwise rather good film Rounders back in 1990-something. But it's nice to imagine poker has such a term and to see that odometer down there on the bottom right of the blog at such a high number is awesome.

Thank you for reading!