Saturday, September 12, 2009


Apologies for the lack of posts recently; my life has been even more boring and eventless than usual.

It consists of work (lots of photocopying and filing, mainly) and travel to and from work, and washing clothes and eating and not much more. Hardly the stuff of blog posts.

None the less, nobody's life is completely empty, so here are a few things of note:

The body discovered in the flat just down the road was indeed murdered; a rather lost soul fond of a drink called Rosalyn Hunt, known as Rose. I didn't know her. A 41 year old man and his 'partner' aged 15 have since been arrested for murder.

I still do the occasional night-shift; last week's was a particularly tough one. I started at just after midnight and finished at around 9am. But there is a consolation of sorts seeing all the commuters stony faced and grim heading off to work, while you're smugly aware that a bacon sandwich and a lovely long sleep are your tasks for the day. There is a feeling of waste though - Thursday was a lovely day (so I'm told) but hard to appreciate when you're asleep until 6pm.

Two and bit weeks remain before a well deserved holiday, so at least there is some point to all this worky work crap.

Lets hope there's time to see some films and read a decent book or two before then.