Thursday, January 30, 2014

Well that's January Done

Around now is the toughest time of the year for me, and for anyone living in the South of England, it's not too hard to wonder why.

We've just experienced the wettest January ever* with over 200mm of rainfall when less than 100mm is the monthly average. For weeks now, since a very wet December, my life seems to consist of getting up in the dark, showering and getting changed and then driving to work in the rain and darkness. It's grim and bit depressing, although a trip to London on Friday went well - I have some good colleagues down there and had a lovely walk back from the office to Liverpool Street Station through the back-streets around the Barbican Centre. 

The Australian Open tennis tournament offers a weird mixture of entertainment and a kind of tantalisation (it's so hot, so sunny down there!). The surprise winner was Stan Wawrinka, whilst Li Na won the ladies trophy at the third attempt.

The month closed with three dreadful days at work attending the worst training course I have ever attended. It was a shame as the instructors tried extremely hard, but as my tennis shows, enthusiasm and energy must be accompanied by competence if you want success. Never mind. The course is over, January is almost over, and Spring is that bit nearer.

Thanks for reading, and I'll post again in February.