Friday, October 18, 2013

Mel Mel is Sacked... Again!

Poor Mad Mel Philips,

Not only was she ruthlessly dumped from The Spectator a little while back, having lost that esteemed magazine £100,000 in compensation (if the rumours are to be believed) for Mel's savage lies about various individuals.

Things have got worse, as she's now lost her mainstay, the Monday opinion column in The Daily Mail. Nobody seems quite sure why she's lost this prestigious right wing ranting perch. Some say it's because she is no longer allowed to write about her beloved Israel (anyone who thinks the right in Britain have pro-Israeli sympathies is very mistaken). Some say it's because of an unusually unhinged and insulting (even by Mad Mel standards) hectoring monologue on the BBC's Question Time a  couple of months ago.

Either way, it's delightful to see her career in a spin - hopefully it'll never recover.