Friday, February 28, 2014

The Toughest Month is... Over!

February, cruel wet cold dark horrible February ends at midnight tonight.


Now admittedly, since I met "M," (a.k.a THE ONE) a few years ago, February has improved loads (from a very low base). The reason being that M's birthday falls on the 26th. 

So there's the joy of giving and the pleasure of a nice meal in the evening. And my wonderful boss gave me the day off too, which was a lucky thing since M has been struggling with a nasty cough for several days and found the company and dog-walking help very welcome.

But.... despite all the above. That's just a single day out of 28. The toughest days of the year. Gone. Wonderful.

And finally, if you can afford it, the Yamaha MCR-042 is a wonderful mini hi-fi system and makes a great gift ;-)