Sunday, November 07, 2010

Catching Up

Oh dear - poor neglected blog.

Alas since August there's been little to blog about.

I'm a bit anxious about work - the 'headcount' as it's called right now (in ten years it'll be called something else) has been reduced and I might be next. Right now I'm working on two completely separate projects, one has quite a lot to do, and we keep discovering more. The other is nearly done, and in fact someone may decide it is done by next Friday.

Thankfully London keeps ticking over, as it always does despite the economy in the rest of the country. I'm sure I'll find *something* to do either in London itself or close by.

Speaking of London, D came down for his annual trip from Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. We went for a wonder through leaf strewn and dog infested Hampstead Heath. The destination was Kenwood House, a surprisingly small stately home but with a high quality collection of paintings to enjoy. I accompanied D back to Saint Pancras station and there was plenty of time to admire Paul Day's amazing 20 ton 30ft high statue of a couple embracing. Some colleagues worked on the massive Saint Pancras refurbishment project, and had urged me to go and see it, along with the completely cleaned huge transparent roof and other marvels. They weren't wrong - the station is a magnificent gateway to Europe, and a really bold and thoughtful upgrade to a magnificent Victorian building.

We even managed to get ourselves a decent lunch - a decent lunch at a railway station! That would have been inconceivable even 10 years ago.

So it's not all doom and gloom, and things often change for the better.