Sunday, August 09, 2009

Not Again!

Back from a lovely holiday and I head down the road at lunchtime to buy some lunch.

Two police cars parked in Victoria Street - nothing unusual there. But then there is another estate car and a white van, both bearing police markings and the sign Scientific Unit on the side.

Then finally there are a couple of journalists taking pictures and asking people what's going on. I see three guys in white jumpsuits chatting by the side of the van.

"Hello. What's happened?" I ask.

"We're trying to find out," says one of them after a pause and a glance at his colleagues. "There's absolutely nothing to worry about," he reassures me, which of course has the opposite effect.

Later this afternoon this item appeared on the excellent Ipswich Star website:

A WOMAN has been found dead at a flat in Ipswich.

Police were called at around 11am this morning by a member of the public who was concerned for the safety of a woman in a flat in Victoria Street.

Officers gained entry to the property and found a woman dead.

The death is being treated as unexplained and further inquiries are being carried out.

The police have now gone, but a doctor's car is now parked outside the flat.

Sigh. I do hope this is an isolated incident with an innocent explanation and nothing bad has happened...

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